About Kirsty

A bibliophile with an incontainable interest for the law, it’s absolutely inevitable that I have opinions and ideas on politics and law, particularly its social impacts and ethical aspects. This blog contains my big thoughts and turns them into a little voice for anyone in the world interested to read, comment, and (dis)agree with.

Who am I? 
My name is Kirsty Woodford and I am coffee-loving, outdoorsy, and idealistic.

I have just completed my undergraduate BA in English Language and Literature from University College London (UCL), with big plans to go on to study law and, one day, make it as a barrister.

I have a natural inclination to human rights, family law, public law…and anything to do with real, living, breathing humans who I might be able to help by using the knowledge I am acquiring and my enthusiasm that fails to be curtailed.

I also write articles for The Justice Gap, volunteer with the Citizens Advice Bureau, and occasionally teach law-related subjects in London secondary schools. In other words, I spend a lot of time with the very real people that – often abstract seeming – legislation and political policies hit.


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